Emmet Pierce was born in Canada and grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia and currently lives in Kitsilano He studied history at Carleton University in Ottawa and Langara College in Vancouver.

Pierce is the Chief Agent of the Justice and Equality Party of Canada -T-321-19.

He is a researcher and consultant and worked with Satinder Dhillon on the historic freedom of speech case they fought in the Supreme Court of British Columbia and the Court of Appeal in British Columbia.

Until recently Pierce preferred to work quietly behind the scenes, which is what he’s done for almost 2 decades. At the urging of Dhillon he got involved in politics after learning through his own personal experiences about the rigged system in Canada.

Pierce would consider himself to be conservative if anything in his politics and feels that neither of the ruling parties of Canada no longer represent the people they way they should. Pierce feels that the system is broken and the current way of doing things needs an overhaul.

First and foremost he feels that proportional representation needs to be implemented.

Pierce also feels that the current parties are too entrenched to be able to fix the problems that they jointly created.

It is Dhillon’s belief that people like Mr. Pierce is exactly what the system needs and that is why he chose him as the Chief Agent of the Party.

“More honest and humble people like him are needed in politics who are not attention seekers that do the right thing because it is inherently its own reward” is what Dhillon had to say when asked about Pierce and why he chose him to be the Chief Agent of the Justice and Equality Party.

When Pierce attended Carleton University in Ottawa, Pierce was focused on becoming a war historian before a serendipitous turn of events lead him to travel the world to learn about business, law and politics both domestically and internationally.

In search of business opportunities and to expand his knowledge and horizons, Pierce has even visited remote places in the world like Vanuatu.

He has also lived in Vietnam, Australia and the United States.

Pierce comes from an accomplished family with his Great Grandfather being the Chief of Police of Niagara Falls.

His father is an author and the former Dean of Arts of Simon Fraser University and his mother also an author and active member in city politics.

To reach Emmet’s office email: